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Refresh Your Home With Behr’s 2020 Color of the Year: Back to Nature

The Color of the Year season is always exciting for me and all interior designers and color-lovers. I love the colors, of course, but also the narrative behind this year’s choice. Whether you’re seeing the buzz over Pantone’s latest color, or your favorite paint company, you can count on seeing these colors everywhere in the next year.

Behr Paint chose Back to Nature S340-4 for their 2020 Color of the year, after announcing their 2020 Trends recently in a bigger palette. This gorgeous and soothing green was chosen because of its restorative and restive qualities. Behr’s video announcement was absolutely perfect in capturing the vibe of Back to Nature. I’ll share the link below.

I love Behr’s Back to Nature because it effortlessly embraces the cool greens in nature, while being hip enough to be the star of a Mid-Century room. More lively than sage green, Behr’s Back to Nature works with a variety of decorating styles.

Here's How to Incorporate Behr’s 2020 Color of the Year Into Your Existing Color Palette:

  • A soothing green like Back to Nature is perfect for upholstered accent furniture — think living room chairs.

  • Yes! Accent walls are still in style. If you’re not ready to commit to a room filled with green, an accent wall can be a great option.

  • Look to Behr’s Trends 2020 colors for ideas about pairing Back to Nature.

  • If you’re tiring of the aqua or yellow front door look, a natural green is a relaxing welcome.

Check out Behr’s awesome 2020 Color of the Year reveal, here:


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